Focal Twin 6 ST6 Active Studio Monitor (single)


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Main Features

  • 2.5-way driver configuration
  • Switchable full-range woofer focus mode
  • Large front-facing laminar port
  • Automatic stand-by mode (can be disengaged)
  • LF and HF shelving
  • Switchable LPF @ 160Hz
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Twin 6 ST6 – Continuing the amazing legacy of the original Twin 6, Focal’s ST6-era Twin delivers stunning dynamics, definition and a soundstage of formidable precision.

Full-Range Linearity

The Twin 6 ST6’s 2.5-way configuration comprises two composite sandwich ‘W’ cone woofers and a single 1.5” Beryllium tweeter featuring Focal’s signature inverted dome design. Extending the original Twin6 Be’s design, the new ST6 tweeter also features an optimised baffle to protect the diaphragm while ensuring total dispersion control.

Together, these meticulously developed components deliver remarkable neutrality, minimal distortion and excellent insights into mixes of any genre.

All this on top of Focal’s patented Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology, which reduces distortion in the 1kHz – 3kHz frequency range by 50%, as well as a high-pass crossover, a disengageable automatic standby mode and a 160Hz crossover for reflections from consoles – making Twin6 an industry-leading monitor.

Twin 6 ST6 Focus mode

The versatile and highly coveted feature of Focal’s high-end SM9 and Trio11 models is now available in the ST6 range. Engaging focus mode removes the Beryllium tweeter from the listening equation, allowing the two woofers to operate as fun range-drivers. This enables engineers to harness comparative mixing tactics to deliver an even better mix across a higher number of different devices.

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