Focal Twin 6 BE Active Near Field Studio Monitor (Single)


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The Focal Twin 6 BE Active Near Field Studio Monitors are the most versatile monitors from Focal’s SM6 range. Winner of FutureMusic’s Platinum award, the Focal Twin 6 BE Active Near Field Studio Monitors design permits a high SPL while keeping a stable tonal balance. Each monitor contains two 6.5″ woofers, one if which works in large band, while the other recreates lowrange; 40-150Hz.

The Focal Twin6’s are the go to nearfield monitors in many studios due to the neutrality of the signal and image precision giving engineers a transparent reference from which to work from.

Powering the two woofers and one tweeter are three amplifiers supplying a total of 400W, (2x 150W for the 6.5″s and 1x 100W for the tweeter). The peak SPL of the monitors is 115dB and the frequency response is 40Hz-40kHz.

The main features of the Focal Twin6 BE’s include:

  • Fantastic tonal balance even at higher SPLs
  • Completly transparent signal
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Can be used as either nearfields or midfields



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