Focal Shape 40 Nearfield Studio Monitor Speaker (Single)


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The Focal Shape 40 Nearfield Monitor is the most compact studio monitor in the Focal Professional line. These monitors can be used from 23″ away (60cm), and they have astonishingly extended low end frequency response.  Whether you have a room of less than 107ft2 (10m2), or an installation where compactness is paramount, the Focal Shape 40 Nearfield Monitor is the perfect solution.

The three monitors are all made in France and integrate five innovations to maximise acoustic transparency. Designed to meet the needs of nearfield monitoring, and with settings optimised for the acoustics of small listening rooms.

These innovations provide remarkable acoustic transparency and they distinguish themselves through a wide and extremely precise stereo image. The bass register is articulated and controlled. The lower mid-range and mid-range benefit from extreme neutrality, and without any masking effects, making equalisation of these essential registers much easier. Finally, the new tweeter is what’s at the source of the very high definition. It efficiently reveals any hissing, and it’s also very precise in the very high end. 


The main features Focal Shape 40 Nearfield Monitor include:

  • Tweeter with very low directivity for a flexible listening position
  • Designed without a port, but with a double passive radiator, allowing it to be placed near a wall.
  • Numerous settings for optimal integration
  • Accurate control, even in the very high end
  • Flax sandwich cone: controlled and articulated bass, natural and detailed lower mid-range and upper mid-range registers.
  • Mounting mechanisms present on the back and underneath the loudspeaker: for installing on a table stand, a microphone stand, the ceiling or a wall (Mounting accessories not supplied).
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB) – 60Hz – 35kHz
  • Maximum SPL (musical signal) – 102dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
  • XLR: balanced 10kOhms
  • RCA: unbalanced 10kOhms with sensitivity compensation
  • Midrange and Low frequency amplifier 25W, class AB
  • High frequency amplifier 25W, class AB


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