Eventide H9 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal


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The Eventide H9 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal offers all Eventide’s stompbox effects from a single pedal. Featuring a simple, one-knob user interface, the H9 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to iPads, iPods and iPhones to create and manage pre-sets or for live control. Two on-board footswitches select Presets, Tap Tempo, and Bypass during live performance. While the H9 is fully controllable via its front panel, a free editor/librarian, H9 Control, can be downloaded to your Mac, PC, or iOS device. Use the H9 Control app for live editing, creating and managing pre-sets, and changing system settings.

Effect algorithms come built in; Chorus and Tremolo/Pan from the ModFactor, H910/H949 and Crystals from the PitchFactor, Tape Echo and Vintage Delay from the TimeFactor in addition to Shimmer and Hall from Space. There’s also a new UltraTap Delay that’s exclusive to the H9 plus stereo I/O and MIDI I/O and expression pedal and auxiliary switch inputs. The H9 contains 99 pre-sets adding legendary Eventide sounds to your tonal arsenal. Power supply included.

The main features of the Eventide H9 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal include:

  • Liquid Chorus
  • Organic Chorus
  • Shimmer Chorus
  • Classic Chorus
  • Phase XO Chorus
  • Bias Tremolo
  • Opto Tremolo
  • H910
  • H949
  • Crystals
  • Tuner
  • Tape Echo
  • Vintage Delay
  • Shimmer
  • Hall



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