Eventide DSP4000B+ Broadcast Harmonizer and Effects Processor


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The Eventide DSP4000B+ Broadcast Harmonizer and Effects Processor is based on Eventide’s powerful DSP7000 professional audio effects processor, but it has a unique set of software programs created especially for radio, TV and postproduction by sound designer Jay Rose. Effects that would be impossible with most processors are instantly available with the DSP7000 series.

Just press a button and look who’s talking – an airplane captain from the cockpit. Press again – now, it’s the kid at the drive-thru window at a fast-food place. Another press and you’ll hear your words coming out of a computer voice chip, or the TV in the next room, or a cellular phone. There are dozens of audio environments to choose from.

Fantasy voices are just as easy. Is that your conscience talking back to you? Or your fairy godmother? Or you worst nightmare? The DSP4000B+ is more than just a signal processor, it’s your audio special effects department, a true creative partner. You also get sound effects and audio backgrounds built right in. Rain and thunder, the seashore, wind, a jet flying by. The DSP4000B+ can put your sound anywhere, from the top of the mile-high mountain to 200 feet underwater.

Because each of these effects and hundreds more are already set-up and ready for instant recall, the DSP4000B+ is a terrific time saver in program and commercial production and post-production. And it’s perfect for a fast-paced “Morning Zoo” radio show. Imagine trying to create a whole cast of character voices or “strange places” effects on-the-fly with an ordinary effects box!

With the DSP4000B+, it’s more than possible. It’s easy. A six line graphic LCD screen lets you choose the effect you want in seconds…they’re conveniently organized into logical groupings such as “Science Fiction Voices,” “Commerce & Machines,” and “Backgrounds.” Every effect features a wide variety of user-adjustable parameters, and the LCD screen leads you quickly through the process, explaining how the various parameters affect the sound. In addition to saving presets you create in the DSP4000B+’s internal memory, you can also store them on a removable PCMCIA memory card for convenience and added capacity and to protect your unique sounds from use by others.

In the production studio, you’ll uncover more of the power of the DSP4000B+, because Eventide has also included the effects module software which makes the standard DSP7000 today’s premier signal processor for recording and live performance. Dense, lush reverbs, rich choruses, flanging and the best quality pitch change programs on the planet. What’s more, the DSP4000B+ offers Timesqueeze stereo time compression and expansion with higher quality than ever before. It’s so easy to use…just punch in the current running time of the audio and how long you want it to be.

The Eventide DSP4000B+ comes standard with analog and digital inputs and outputs. The digital I/O provides full 24-bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF for an all-digital signal path along with simultaneous XLR-type analog inputs and outputs. Optimal audio quality is assured via 24-bit A/D and D/A converters. Audio bandwidth at the analog connectors is up to 22kHz, with 44kHz (at 96K sampling) also available for most presets. Its remote control interfaces include MIDI In/Out/Thru jacks and a serial port. The serial port can also be used with the powerful VSIGfile program editor, or connected to a PC for available operating system upgrades over the internet.

There’s a whole other side to the unit, which will be of special interest to advanced “effects explorers.” Unlike conventional audio processing units which contain a limited number of fixed digital processing algorithms, the factory programs of the DSP4000B draw on over 200 internal effects modules to create a wider variety of truly distinct programs than ever before possible.

What’s more, the unit’s object-oriented Algorithm Construction Kit patch editor function lets users (and third-party developers) build totally new effects algorithms by linking modular effects “building blocks” which are presented on the large, graphics LCD screen. With the DSP4000B+, there are always new effects avenues to explore, new sounds to create.

The main features of the Eventide DSP4000B+ Broadcast Harmonizer and Effects Processor include:

  • Broadcast version of the DSP4000
  • Includes special software and effects
  • Voice re-charcterisation
  • Create your own effects algorithms from scratch
  • 8 simultaneous pitch shifting voices


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