Ergolab Executive High Backrest retrofit upgrade



  • All chairs come with a full 5 year warranty


Ergolab Executive High Backrest retrofit upgrade Description

Ergolab Executive Backrest retrofit upgrade: Take your existing stealth Ergolab chair with the standard backrest to the next level of comfort with the executive backrest.
While the standard lumbar style backrest is especially ergonomic for task-oriented work, users who have an increased opportunity to recline throughout the day may want to consider the optional Executive Backrest. The Executive Backrest is designed to move the support point higher to the thoracic area of the user’s back as they recline. It is especially useful for studio applications where long periods of sitting include strategic, as well as tactical work.


Weight 10lb 5kg
Dimensions 22x17x11″ 56x43x28cm

Why The Stealth Chair?

The Stealth Chair provides improved support to reduce the stress on your body as you work. A traditional chair creates unhealthy pressure points from the hip bones, the tailbone and the legs which increase as you lean forward to work. Thanks to the patented ZenWave™ motion technology, these chairs allow the users to move with ease and create less pressure on their bodies. We designed the Active Tilt™ seat plate to pivot smoothly as you move backwards and forwards in your seat to promote proper body posture while in the chair. Our “Free-Float” backrest moves with you as you lean forward, giving you the needed support on your back. This truly is the chair that outclasses other music chairs.

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