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The EPA Quartetto system consists of 4 passive Flauto tops (2 each side) + 2 x Tuba sub (15” self powered subwoofer).

The Tuba sub is driven by 3 EPA amplifiers on board.

Everything is managed by a digital processor, developed and setup to optimize the sound and get the components to work at best. The total power of this system is 5600W RMS.

The Main Features of EPA Quartetto System Include:

Scalability, which allows adding the systems according to the need for coverage. The Quartetto system is especially suitable for big venues and open air shows of all kinds. 

• The ease of transport and setup

• Unprecedent sound pressure for such a compact system, powerful enough to cover up to 1000p capacity venues with one system also due to our exclusive EPA power amps with built –in double power supply

• The balance between dynamic range and timbre that makes it very suitable to reproduce any audio content with an unprecedent high fidelity related to the live environment.

• The linearity of the frequency response, controlled by the EPA software allows FOH engineers to do less eq-ing of the system and it facilitates their work. The Tuba sub goes down to 28hz.

AES / EBU digital input skips the A/D conversion of the signal keeping the sound and timbre more authentic.

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