Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E Microphone Preamp with Compressor /Limiter



The Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-E Microphone Preamplifier With Compressor is a Microphone Preamplifier that is digitally-controlled, with features to warm and soften your signal, along with a compressor/limiter.

The Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike E offers a performance transformer-coupled mic preamp, whose noise floor is well below any microphone’s self noise. The unique ‘CompSat’ section is a compressor and saturator circuit that offers versatile ‘colouring’ and a classic knee compression.


  • Mic Preamplifier with super low noise & stepped gain switching.
  • Built in ‘Direct Box’, called the ‘Inst In’, offers unparalleled distortion, noise, and frequency response when pre-amping instruments.
  • ‘Coloured’ 80Hz High pass filter emulates the warm low frequency cut of our favorite vintage equalizers.
  • Phase Switch to invert the audio signal 180 degrees.
  • Exclusive CompSat™ Section: Offers both a musical Compressor/Limiter and a unique tape-like saturation circuit.
  • Emphasis high-frequency emphasis system softens high frequency ‘pile-ups’ and further the creamy color of the Mike-E.
  • Mix Control allows the blending of the Compressed/Saturated signal with the clean unprocessed “Dry” signal.
  • Freq. Response is 3 Hz to 200 kHz on (No CompSat). CompSat is 3Hz – 150Khz. Optional Transformer output is 6Hz-80kHz.
  • Signal to Noise – 130 dB signal to Noise.at 40dB gain. Maximum output is +28dBu.
  • Distortion Ranges between .0006% and 15% depending on mode and settings.
  • Transformer coupled Input, Active and Transformer Outputs available. High quality audio caps used internally.
  • Input Impedance is 600 Ohms. Output impedance is less than 38 ohms.
  • Attack/Decay Ranges – .9 – 100mS attack. .15 – 1 Sec.
  • Power Consumption – 15 Watts Max.


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