Empirical Labs EL500 Horizontal Rack For Two 500-Series Modules



The El500 is a Horizontal Rack for API500 Modules that boasts a unique Flush Mount for durability & looks.
NB: 500 modules not included.


Technical Specs

Super quiet +/- 16Volt Supplies.  Perhaps quietest available.
More than 280mA available on both supplies.
48V Phantom Power supply. 35mA of current.
Built in ‘INST IN” for high impedance inputs built into front panel.  DI box built right in!
INST IN” THD is less than 0.0006%
Auto-Sense on “INST IN” jack
XLR & Phone Plug Inputs & Outputs.  A total of 9 inputs and output connectors.
Front panel Link Switch for Stereo linking dynamic devices such as compressors/limiters/gates.
Power Consumption – 14 Watts max.  9 Watts typical with modules install.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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