Earthworks SR40 High Definition Microphones, Matched Pair



The Earthworks SR40 High Definition Microphones are a matched pair professional recording microphones, for pristine, uniform stereo recordings. Earthworks delivers their high-definition sound in a microphone intended for vocal and instrument capturing in professional recording and sound reinforcement applications. The SR40 features a near-perfect cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 30Hz to 40kHz. High definition goes beyond 20kHz to provide ultimate detail and fidelity. Its cardioid pickup pattern maintains a uniform frequency response throughout the spectrum, while effectively eliminating off-axis noise and ambiance. The SR40 provides high gain-before-feedback without “beaming” or “spotlighting” the subject audio.

Technical Specs

High Definition Microphone
Stereo matched pair of SR40 microphones
30Hz to 40kHz Frequency Response
Hear Detail That Other Microphones Miss
Superb for Vocals and Musical Instruments
Uniform Frequency Response at 0°, 45°& 90°
145dB SPL Max Acoustic Input
More Gain Before Feedback
Low Handling Noise
Exceptional Rejection of Sounds From the Rear
Available in Cardioid & Hypercardioid
Optional SRW1 Screw-on Windscreen

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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