Earthworks QTC50 MP Omnidirectional Microphones, Matched Pair


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From Earthworks, the QTC50 condenser microphone is a member of Earthworks Quiet Time-Coherent series and is designed to accurately reproduce quiet audio signals with pristine detail and low noise. The wide dynamic range of strings, choirs, and orchestras are captured and reproduced with uncanny accuracy and detail. The prepolarized omnidirectional capsule exhibits fast response to transient (peak) signals, enabling exceptional SPL handling and minimal distortion.

The omnidirectional capsule is incapable of proximity effect and a wide, flat frequency response of 3Hz to 50kHz further maximizes detail. Overall the QTC50 is a valued addition in high definition recording and sound reinforcement applications that include choir, orchestra and acoustic music capturing as well as speech and sound design.


Matched Pair
This stereo set of Earthworks QTC50 microphones are perfectly matched in sensitivity and frequency response from the manufacturer. The matched pair is intended for stereo applications such as ambiance, orchestral and choir capturing.
High Definition & Detail
The Quiet Time-Coherent microphone series from Earthworks are designed to reproduce quiet signals with uncanny accuracy and detail without noise. Perfect for 192kHz resolution recording.
Ultra Wide Frequency Response
The QTC50 exhibits a frequency response of 3Hz to 50kHz resulting in impressively detailed signal reproduction.
Fast Transient Response
The prepolarized condenser capsule is capable of capturing signal rich in transient peaks without noise due to distortion.
High SPL Handling
The QTC50##SIN##s high SPL provides incredible headroom which further minimizes noise due to peak distortion and excessively loud signals at close proximity.
Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
The omnidirectional polar pattern provides rich, consistent detail at the off and direct sections of the capsule.

Technical Specs

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Transducer Prepolarized Condenser
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Frequency Response 3Hz to 50KHz
Dynamic Range (Typical) not specified by manufacturer
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 22dB-A Equivalent
Maximum Input Sound Level 142dB SPL

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