Earthworks M30BXMP Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone, Matched Pair



The Earthworks M30BX is a battery powered measurement microphone with a built-in preamp.

The Earthworks M30BX is a very cost effective reference microphone for SMAART, MLSSA, Spectrafoo, TEF & RTA and all audio band measurements. It has a flat frequency response, fast impulse response and exceptional polar characteristics. The M30BX meets or exceeds ANSI Type 1 and applicable IEC 61094 requirements.

The Earthworks M30BX is ideally suited for on-location acoustical measurements including loudspeaker design and quality control, sound system setup and troubleshooting, room acoustics, or any application where an accurate free-field measurement microphone is required and portability is important or a power source is not readily available.

The microphone body opens for replaceable battery access, with a battery life of 300 hours.

Each mic is delivered with its own calibration chart providing its individually measured open-circuit sensitivity for both gain positions, and the frequency response curve.

Electronic calibration files can be used to import the M30BX’s amplitude frequency response directly into your measurement system.

Technical Specs

    • Frequency response: 9Hz to 30kHz +1/-3dB
    • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
    • Sensitivity: 30mV/Pa (Typical)
    • with 6dB Gain 60mV/Pa (Typical)
    • Power Requirements: 6V Battery Type P28 (2CR-1/3N, 4LR44 or eq.)
    • Peak Acoustic Input: 130dB SPL
    • Output: XLR
    • Output Impedance: 100 Ohm, balanced (50 ea. pin 2 & 3)

Noise: 22dB, A equivalent

  • Dimensions L x D 220 x 23 mm (8.65 x .910 in.)
  • Weight: 180g (.4lb)
  • Includes: Attractive Plastic Case

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