Earthworks LP20 – LevelPad Mic Pad -20 dB Attenuator


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The Earthworks LP20 – LevelPad Mic Pad -20 dB Attenuator is designed for recording and live sound reinforcement applications. The device is placed in-line between a balanced microphone or balanced line level source and a mixer or recorder to attenuate the signal by -20 dB. This helps prevent overloading and reduces distortion by providing additional headroom. The device features a standard XLR-3M connector for the input and an XLR-3F connector for the output.

The main features of The Earthworks LP20 – LevelPad Mic Pad -20 dB Attenuator include:

  • -20 dB Attenuation
  • Prevents Overloading Signal
  • Minimizes Distortion by Adding Headroom
  • Works With Microphones With Balanced Out
  • Works With Balanced Line Level Signals
  • XLR-3M Input and XLR-3F Output



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