Earthworks 1021 ZDT Microphone Preamp


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Earthworks ZDT preamps are like wire with gain. Their frequency response is flat and wideband,+/- 0.1 dB from 2Hz to 100kHz. The 1dB down points are below .5 Hz and beyond 500 kHz. Across the ‘audio band’ the ZDT preamp is effectively perfect. The total of all forms of distortion is so low as to be unmeasurable by normal equipment: under 1ppm (0.0001%) for the stepped gain output and under 0.001% for the variable output.Earthworks ZDT preamps are the quietest mic preamps currently available on the market. This is particularly evident when high gain is used such as for classical music. Earthworks preamps are also perfect for ribbon mics, especially considering its high input impedance of 100 kOhms.



  • Zero Distortion – less than one part per million
  • Lowest Noise of any preamp on the market
    Full Differential (balanced) from XLR in to XLR out – no internal conversion to single ended
  • All Discrete Components; Class A Amplification (No ICs in the signal path)
  • No Electrolytic Capacitors in the signal path
  • Greater Transparency with minimum signal path and minimum features
  • High output level +33dBu
  • Very Low Output Impedance will drive long lines without interference or signal loss
  • True 48 volt phantom, polarity reverse & clip indicator
  • Separate XLR & 1/4″ Phone (t-r-s) outputs, each with its own gain/level controls
  • 1/4″ Phone connector output will drive balanced or unbalanced inputs

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