DBX 510 500 Series Subharmonic Synth Module



The DBX 510 500 Series Subharmonic Synth Module features dbx’s patented Subharmonic Synthesis technology found in units like the 120A and the driverack series, used by live sound engineers and DJ’s for decades, these very handy processors provide synthetic low end frequencies at an octave below your mixes or live performances that really sculpt and fill the bottom end if required.

The DBX 510 features two seperate controls for frequency enhancement, providing greater control of the effect and more control over the final audio output, the 510 also includes a separate low frequency control to boost the amount of lows going to your sound system.

The main features of the DBX 510 500 Series Subharmonic Synth Module include:

  • Based on dbx’s fabled Subharmonic Synthesizer processors
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Synthesized frequency level indicator LEDs
  • Individual controls for two ranges of subharmonic frequencies
  • Subharmonics level control
  • Synthesis Bypass switch


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