DAV BG7 – Mic Pre and Compressor



The DAV BG7 microphone amplifier features low noise and low distortion with switchable gain control for high accuracy level setting, DI Input, level indication via 4 LED’s, switchable high pass filter, 26db pad, phase reversal and 48v phantom power.

The DAV BG7 also features a compressor and limiter that can be linked to the microphone pre-amplifier.

The Main Features of The DAV BG7 Microphone Amplifier Include:

  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 150KHz ± 0.25dB
  • Mic gain range: 22dB – 66dB in 4dB steps. [pad in -4dB – 40dB]
  • Distortion: Less than 0.01% Typ, 0.001% 1KHz @ +20dBu o/p
  • High pass filter: 68Hz @ 12dB per octave (Switchable bothchannels)
  • Noise: 25 microvolts [-110dB ref +20 dBu. Bandwidth 10Hz-18KHz input loaded 150 ohms, 32dB gain].
  • Phase reversal: Switchable
  • 48v phantom: On channel 1
  • Level indication: Red LED +18dB, Green LED +8dB, Green LED 0dB
  • 26dB pads: On channel 1 Clipping level: +29 dBu
  • D.I. input: Channel 1 High impedance [1.8 Meg Ohms]
  • Connectors: IEC mains
  • Input:  XLR x 2, Jack x 1 (DI Input)
  • Output: XLR x 2 (bal), Jack x 2 (unbal)
  • D.I. gain range: Channel 1 only -8 > 36dB in 4dB steps
  • Dimensions: 19″ 1U rack mount. Depth = 150mm



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