DAV BG504 – 500-Series Compressor



The DAV Electronics BG504 is a API 500-Series compressor that features electronically balanced inputs and outputs and extremely low noise and distortion. The BG504 has a 3 LED VU meter on the front and a ratio range of 2:1-10:1 giving you a wide range of compression effects from subtle to completely flattening the sources dynamics. On the front panel you can control the gain makeup, recovery time, ratio, threshold and the frequency of the high pass filter for gettng rid of low frequencies which could make your compressor pump.

The Main Features of The DAV BG504 Include:

  • Output Clipping Level: +27dBu
  • Ratio: 2:1 >>>10:1
  • Input Gain: +8dB
  • Threshold: +18 >>> -2dB
  • Gain Make Up: +14dB
  • Sidechain H.P.F: 10 >>> 200Hz
  • Recovery Time: 0.5 >>> 3 secon



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