DAV BG4 – Stereo Compressor



The DAV BG4 (Broadhurst Gardens No. 4 MK II) is a high quality, 1U rack mount stereo coupled limiter/compressor. Featuring stepped input gain, threshold and output gain controls, a compress or limit button, fast or slow recovery times and a limiter/compressor on/off switch. 4 segment LEDs display the gain reduction with output metering on independent 3 segment LEDs for both right and left.

Input and outputs are on balanced XLR and can be found on the rear of the unit.

The Main Features of The DAV BG4 Include:

  • Low noise and distortion [Decca 1977 circuit brought up to date]
  • Recovery time, switched 1sec or 0.3secs
  • Threshold range from -2 to + 18 dBu
  • L.E.D. metering for gain reduction and output level
  • Input gain control
  • Post limit gain make up
  • Lim/comp on/off switch
  • 1U box 150mm deep



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