DAV BG1 – Portable 2 Channel Mic Pre


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The DAV BG1 (Broadhurst Gardens No. 1) is a compact and portable 2-channel microphone preamp suitable for both studio and location recording. The BG1 is a high quality preamp with low noise and low distortion.

The BG1 features switched gain controls for accurate level setting and easy settings recall, level indication, switchable high pass filters, 48v phantom power and -26dB input pads. Channel 1 features a phase reverse switch.

The Main Features of The DAV BG1 Include:

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 150KHz ± 0.25dB
  • Distortion:
    • Less than 0.01%
    • Typ, 0.001% 1KHz @ +20 dBu o/p
  • Noise: 25 microvolts [-110dB ref +20 dBu. Bandwidth 10Hz-18KHz input loaded 150 ohms, 32dB gain].
  • Phase Reversal: CH 1 only
  • 48v Phantom: Switchable
  • 26dB Pads: Ch 1 & Ch 2
  • Gain Range: 26dB – 59dB in 3dB steps. [pad in 0dB – 33dB]
  • High Pass Filters: 22Hz, 33Hz, 68Hz @ 12dB per octave.
  • Level Indication: 
    • Red LED +18dBu
    • Green LED +15dBu
    • Can be pre-set for your operating level
  • Clipping Level: +29 dBu
  • Dimensions: 60 x 115 x 295mm (HxWxD)



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