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Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ | Game-changing innovations.
If you thought analog-to-digital converter innovation had taken a snooze, Dangerous Music is about to wake you up with five game-changing innovations. Packed into a single rack space with our next-generation conversion for the ultimate in musicality and transparency, the CONVERT-AD+ is the most advanced stereo analog-to-digital converter on the market.



Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Features

  • Adjustable Sample Rate lets you cycle through 6 sample rates or use “auto sensing” for universal compatibility with other devices

  • Selectable Calibration Level allows you to choose between three calibration levels

  • Toggle between two discrete, selectable stereo inputs with two switchable stereo input paths

  • Clip Guard will turn off the red LED over light at your destination (i.e. DAW)

  • Premium custom crafted digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes provides precise visual feedback

  • Zoom view lets you view only the top 10dB of your signal level, for a finer, magnified resolution

  • Word Clock with three Modes: Internal, External and Master

  • X-FORMER insert button engages Chris Muth’s sonic wizardry via a pair of customized HAMMOND™ transformers

  • EMPHASIS adds a shelving EQ/Compressor for 2nd order harmonic distortion to blend in a bit of mid warmth and sparkle

  • USB connection for Mac/PC

  • Comprehensive I/O

    • Two switchable analog stereo input paths

    • Dual AES Outputs

    • ADAT Optical Output

    • SPDIF Optical Output

    • SPDIF COAX output



The CONVERT-AD+ has no fewer than five— five! —features previously never seen on an analog-to-digital converter. Smart, useful, well-executed innovations put Dangerous Music on the map, and we continue that tradition into the 21st century with the CONVERT-AD+.



Simple, elegant, intelligent. With the push of a button, you can switch between any two balanced line input sources. With zero fuss, you can instantly compare different mastering chains, test your mix against a reference, switch between tracking and mixing, A/B between different mic/preamp scenarios—or craft your own application. From the largest mix rooms, to elite mastering suites, to your home studio, the switchable inputs on the CONVERT-AD+ is about to make everyone’s life a lot easier.



Do you dig pushing the A/D beyond 0 dBFS, into clipping, for specific sonics, but don’t want your tracks rejected? Clip Guard will turn off the red light LED at your destination (i.e. DAW). Red indicates clipping on most meters, in actuality, the over indicator in the AD+ turns from green to yellow. Now “Mastered for iTunes” or the CD pressing plant will not refuse your opus, since these red light overs will not register. This is not a limiter. If you can hear clipping and engage clip guard, it will sound identical. It simply disables the clip LED in your DAW or destination device, but you will still be audibly clipping.



In most circumstances, the dynamics of a mix or master reside in the crest factor, the zone between the average and the peak levels. With our meter magnification technology, you can zoom in on just the top 10dB of dynamic activity, providing a finer-resolution peek at what that matters most when mixing and mastering. Warning: this nuanced dynamics crafting tool is addictive.



It’s no secret that a pair of transformers at the end of a mixing or mastering chain can imbue your final prints with heft, character and articulation. With the CONVERT-AD+, just push a button and you’ve got a pair of Hammond transformers wired in series, ready to impart the magic that transformers wield. Hammond is a Canadian company with over 100 years of transformer design and our circuit brings out all the bold colours.



Our analog designer Chris Muth did it again, taking his deep and esoteric knowledge of what engineers love and turning it into a simple and effective tool. When the transformers are switched in, the Emphasis kicks in a proprietary EQ/compression combo that brings a whole pallet of different colours to your mixing, mastering, and tracking work. Simply dial in the right amount, or none at all, until the smiles in the room get wider. In most cases, you’ll notice a stronger low end footprint and a gentle saturation on the mids and highs. The more you play with it, the more you’ll learn how Emphasis can improve your music.


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