Coleman Audio M3PH MKIII Monitor Controller – P.O.A.

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Whether you’re monitoring your Pro Tools session, mastering a CD/DVD, conducting A/B tests or editing audio for video, Coleman Audio’s MP3PH gives you accurate monitor control with a ton of flexibility!

A console-type Master section at a fraction of the price!
One thing DAW users sometimes miss is the flexible Master output stage of a big recording console. The M3PH gives you back that control without forcing you to pay a fortune for it! With the functionality of a console master section, the M3PHmkII gives you multiple channels for monitoring stereo audio.

Multiple inputs and outputs for multiple sources / monitors
The M3PHmkII accepts four stereo input sources on balanced XLR connectors to handle multiple signals from your DAW, outboard gear or media players. Plus, the M3PHmkII gives you three independent stereo outputs, so you can connect three different sets of monitors at once. Add in an independent headphone output with its own level control and the M3PHmkII delivers all the monitoring setups you need!

Totally passive circuitry with precision control
Everything in the M3PHmkII is designed to deliver accurate, uncolored monitoring. The main signal path is completely passive, with no VCAs or other circuitry that would color your audio. The passive balanced level control is adjustable in amazingly precise .05dB increments for level matching. The M3PHmkII also includes a phase reverse switch, left and right mute switches and an “always on” selection to keep one output pair continually open to feed meters or a cue system. The M3PHmkII is a great monitoring package for any DAW!




  •     4 Stereo Inputs, 3 Stereo Outputs
  •     Passive balanced level control +.05db tracking
  •     Balanced XLR connectors (pin 2 hot)
  •     Mono compatible select
  •     Left and Right mute switches
  •     Headphone output and level control
  •     1U Standard Rack Mount Enclosure


Technical Specs

Number of Input Channels 4
Number of Output Channels 3
Analog Inputs 8 x XLR
Analog Outputs 6 x XLR
Digital Inputs No Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs No Digital Outputs
Headphones 1 x 1/4″
Talkback No
Form Rackmount
Height 1.75″
Depth 10″
Width 19″
Weight 12 lbs. Shipping Weight
Manufacturer Part Number M3PH MKII


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