Chandler Limited Mini TG Rack Mixer Expander



The Chandler Limited Mini TG Rack Mixer Expander – 16×2 EMI rack mount line mixer WITHOUT Master adds another 16 channels to your Chandler Mini Rack Mixer, giving you the option of a 32-channel recording mixer.

The Mini TG Rack Mixer Expander features transformer balanced, new Chandler Line Amp and discrete amps throughout delivering the classic 60’s and 70’s sound. In total the expander boasts no less than 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom wound transformers which combined deliver a whole lot of punch and colour.

The Expander differs from the actual mixer by not including the Monitor and Master Control Room section and it requires the Chandler Limited PSU-2 power Supply to function.
The Mini Mixer and Expander units make an attractive, space-saving mixer option for studios that are moving away from a full-size mixer to a more hybrid setup with a digital audio workstation. This combination enables enough channels to control your machine’s outputs (DAW or tape).

Chandler Limited Mini TG Rack Mixer Expander Features:

  • Channel Volume: Each control is push/pull to mute the channel
  • Channel Pan: Toggle switch disconnects pan pot to allow for true centring, like on a vintage API or Neve.
  • Linkage: Outputs for linking into the External In of the Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer

NB: PSU Not included


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