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The Benchmark AHB2 is the ideal match to the performance limits of High-Resolution-Audio (HRA) formats. Benchmark’s AHB2 power amplifier delivers musical details without introducing the masking effects of amplifier noise and distortion. The dynamic range of the AHB2 is 132 dB, making it 10 to 30 dB quieter than some of the very best reference-quality power amplifiers.

The frequency response of the AHB2 extends beyond 200 kHz. With the AHB2, you will discover previously overlooked nuances, dynamics, and detail in your favorite recordings and experience the full potential of the latest high-resolution 24-bit PCM and 1-bit DSD audio formats.

The musical details and emotion captured on today’s finest High-Resolution-Audio recordings can only be fully appreciated when every component in the signal chain is capable of true high-resolution performance. Power amplifiers are a weak link in most audio systems. Most power amplifiers are well matched to the limitations of the CD format, but they fall well short of the capabilities of high-resolution formats. In contrast, the revolutionary AHB2 was specifically designed to deliver true high-resolution performance.

D/A conversion technology has outpaced the development of new power amplifiers. This means that the power amplifier has become a limiting factor in many audio systems. For example, the noise and distortion produced by the Benchmark DAC2 D/A converter is 20 to 30 dB lower than that produced by most high-quality power amplifiers. Until now, this meant that the DAC2 could not be fully appreciated. Benchmark set out to solve this problem by creating an amplifier that matches the performance of the DAC2.

The AHB2 uses the new and revolutionary THX-patented AAA(TM) technology to virtually eliminate all forms of distortion. This technology uses feed-forward error correction to eliminate the distortion that is normally produced by the output stage.  No other audio amplifier comes close to delivering the clean, quiet, and robust power of the AHB2.


The main features of the Benchmark AHB2 include:

  • 100 W/channel (8 Ohms), both channels driven
  • 170 W/channel (4 Ohms), both channels driven
  • 340 W Bridged Mono into 8 Ohms
  • 130 dB A-weighted
  • < -118 dB relative to full output at any output level below clip, stereo, 1 kHz
  • < -118 dB relative to full output at any output level below clip, bridged mono, 1 kHz 0.00013%
  • < -113 dB relative to full output, 1 kHz 0.00022%
  • Better than 0.1 Hz to 200 kHz, +0/-3 dB



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