Avalon VT-737 SP Mono Tube Voice Channel Strip – P.O.A


The Avalon VT-737 SP Mono Tube Voice Channel Strip combines a tube mic pre, an optical compressor and a 4 band EQ and it can be used for mic level or DI instrument level signals coming in or on the insert of a channel.

The Channel Strip Overview

The mic pre utilizes two cascaded dual vacuum tubes which give the warmth associated with valve technology but still maintaining a clean and smooth sound. Moreover, the optical compressor utilises 2 vacuum tube triodes for gain matching and soft compression to hard-knee limiting can be achieved with threshold, ratio-compression, attack and release controls. This compressor is fairly transparent but when driven adds a pleasant attack to sounds.

The EQ utilises 100% discrete, Class A-high-voltage transistors for optimum sonic performance. High and low frequency bands provide the smooth characteristics of an all passive design, while the dual mid bands include variable frequency and switched Q-width selection. In addition, enhanced range of the mid bands is extended into the high and low bands by the use of X10 frequency multipliers. Furthermore, EQ can be selected to be before or after the compressor for alternate tone shaping and two 737sp’s can be linked for stereo tracking as well as mixdown.

First introduced in 1998 the Avalon Vt 737 was one of the first channel strip boxes on the market and it soon built up a large fan base among engineers and producers making it a familiar sight in studios around the world. Since then the Avalon Vt 737 has gone through a number of changes until they reached what we have today known as the SP or special performance model with an increased the mic input transformer making the maximum headroom +30dB and the noise floor -92dB.

The Avalon 737SP will deliver a clear and smooth sounding signal giving your recordings the rich tone you’d expect from a company like Avalon.


The Main Features of The Avalon VT-737 SP Mono Tube Voice Channel Strip Include:

  • Vacuum tube triode signal path
  • Transformer balanced microphone input
  • High-voltage circuits for maximum headroom to +30dB
  • Low noise -92dB, internal discrete power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Soft-start tube life extender
  • Stereo link for compressors
  • All discrete Class A equalizer with musical passive filter design
  • Sealed silver relays for signal routing
  • Large control knobs with professional conductive plastic potentiometers
  • VU meter for output level monitoring and compressor gain reduction


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