Audio Technica AT2031 Cardioid Condenser Microphone – P.O.A.

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The AT2031 is the ideal microphone for stringed instruments in critical studio and live applications. Its permanently polarized element offers extended frequency response with a slight rise in the high frequency range for a more detailed sound. Its low self-noise and high SPL handling capability offer a wide dynamic range, perfectly suited for the most demanding applications. For professional recording studios, it is a perfect auxiliary microphone for a drum kit or to record in proximity to orchestral ensembles. For live recording, its rugged construction and low prices will make it a perfect companion for capturing percussion, acoustic guitar, hi-hat, overheads and piano.

AT2031 – perfect string definition at an incredible price

  • Cardioid polar pattern improves isolation of desired sound source
  • Low self-noise perfectly suited for digital recording equipment
  • Ideal for stringed instruments such as violin, cello, acoustic guitar, harp and piano both in the studio and on stage.
  • Smooth, extended frequency response with a slight rise in the high-frequency region
  • Outstanding performance and rugged construction
  • High SPL handling and wide dynamic range
  • Switchable 150 Hz 6dB/oct hi-pass filter
  • Sturdy steel construction, equally at home in a home studio, rehearsal studio or on stage
  • Discreet in size (134mm) yet surprisingly versatile


Wide dynamic range

Listening to this microphone is truly amazing especially when considering the price range. It can also serve as the main stereo pair or microphone boosters, for users with a larger budget.


Excellent frequency response

The AT2031 offers excellent frequency response, and gives accurate and airy sound on sources difficult to capture, such as piano and strings.


Low cut filter slope

With its gentle filter slope of 6 dB / Octave at 150 Hz, low frequencies are controlled in a very soft and natural way.


Star-shaped grille

A star-shaped metal grille protects the element. Four sets of quadruple slots allow for precise directivity control.


A perfect couple

Due to its numerous qualities, the AT2031 works well as an affordable option for an ORTF or X / Y configuration, when using two units together.


AT8405a stand clamp

The AT8405a stand clamp that comes with the AT2031 is also suitable for all cylindrical microphones with a diameter of 21mm.


Carry case

The AT2031 comes with a soft protective pouch for easy storage and transport.

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