Apollo X4 Thunderbolt 3 (Mac/Win) – Heritage Edition



Universal Audio’s Apollo X4 is a brilliant space-saving interface, which enables musicians and producers to easily track, overdub and mix larger projects. This unit features elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, with four Unison-enabled preamps, and QUAD Core realtime UAD plug-in processing. All of this is neatly wrapped up in a sleek desktop Thunderbolt 3 audio interface, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows.
If you need to expand to a larger system in the future, this flexible product can easily cascade up to 4 Apollo interfaces and 6 UAD-2 devices.

Built upon UA’s 60-year heritage of audio craftsmanship, Apollo x4 confidently outperforms everything in its class. It has a 127 dB D/A dynamic range and an included bundle of UAD analog emulation plug-ins. This means you have a fully-stocked analog studio, right on your desktop.


Record and mix with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion — with the widest dynamic range and lowest noise of any desktop interface.

Onboard UAD QUAD Core processing

Onboard UAD QUAD Core processing lets you track and mix with the included Teletronix LA‑2A and 1176 compressors, Pultec EQs, and 610‑B Tube Preamp & EQ plug-ins.

Four Unison-enabled preamps

Four Unison-enabled preamps allows you to track larger projects with near-zero latency through preamp emulations from Helios, Neve, API, Manley, and more*


Cascade up to 4 Apollo interfaces and 6 UAD-2 devices over Thunderbolt, adding DSP and I/O as your studio grows

Four Unison Preamps spec

The Apollo X4 features four Unison-enabled mic preamps, which enables you to track through exacting mic preamp emulations so you can get the Genuine Sound from Neve, Helios, API, Manley, Universal Audio and many more. Exclusive to UA Audio Interfaces, Unison technology gives you the tone of these sought-after tube and solid state mic pres. To achieve this, they including their input impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and the component-level circuit behaviour of the original hardware.

The secret to Unison is its hardware-software integration between Apollo’s mic preamps and its onboard UAD QUAD Core DSP Acceleration. This means that you simply place a Unison preamp plug-in on your mic input in Apollo Console software, and it physically reconfigures the Apollo interface’s impedance — so you can tap into the classic sounds of the world’s most recorded mic preamps.

Elite-Class A/D and D/A Conversion

With thousands of hit songs and hundreds of Grammy-winning albums under their belt, Apollo interfaces are used to track exceptional-sounding records every day. To improve on the previous generation of desktop Apollo interfaces’ class-leading audio conversion, UA engineers redesigned the x4’s audio conversion to deliver a striking 127 dB dynamic range and -117 dB THD+N, giving Apollo x4 a spacious, organic sound that easily rivals dedicated high-end converters.

Included Plugins – A Full Suite of Classic Analog Processing Onboard

Right out of the box, Apollo x4 offers a suite of incredible analog emulation plug-ins including the world’s only authentic Teletronix LA-2A, 1176LN, Fairchild 670, Pultec EQs, and the UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ. Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of algorithm engineers, these Realtime Analog Classics Plus plug-ins set the standard by which all other hardware emulation plug-ins are judged.

From the tube warmth of the Pultec EQ on guitars, to the gentle limiting of the LA-2A on vocals, your recordings will take a giant leap forward in rich, sonically complex analog sound.
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