API 565 Filter 500-Series Module – P.O.A.

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The API 565 is a simple but essential ‘reductionist’ filter module featuring variable Low Pass and High Pass shelving curves, and frequency-adjustable Notch for taming the trickiest of parts in a mix.

From an incisive notch filter to adjustable high and lowpass filters, the 565 Filter can make your recordings shine. Offering both classic and modern filtering technology, the 565 is the perfect solution to all your filtering problems.

The main features of the API 565 include:

  • Sweepable low-pass filter (500Hz to 20kHz, -6 or -12dB slope)
  • Sweepable high-pass filter (20Hz to 400Hz, -12 or -18dB slope)
  • Variable notch filter (fully sweepable between 20Hz and 20kHz)


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