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The Antelope Audio Goliath – This product is unfortunately discontinued

The Antelope Audio Goliath offers 36 Analog Inputs and 32 Analog Outputs with pristine AD/DA converters. These include 4 superb Instrument DI’s, 2 transformer Reamp Outs, 2 Headphone Outs with integrated Talkback on the front, 16-Channels of Class-A Mic Preamps, 2 sets of Stereo Inserts and a pair of mastering grade Monitor Outs on the back.

The DB25 connectors feature 24 Outputs (1-8 can be level controlled for Surround Sound Mixing) and 16 additional Line Inputs, making Goliath an attractive solution for Hardware Inserts and Summing. Even more Analog I/O Channels can be added by connecting Antelope’s Orion32 or Orion32+ via MADI for a total of 64 Channels of Analog I/O simultaneously.

All Antelope Audio Goliath functions are accessible via its intuitive, high-resolution touch screen. All features of the audio interface can be also accessed via the OS X and Windows compatible Software Control Panel. Just like all new breed Antelope Audio devices. the Goliath follows our networking control concept. This means you can now access all Goliath features from multiple computers in the same network.

Goliath employs Antelope’s powerful FPGA-based DSP engine, a massive platform allowing you to process four zero latency mixers with custom effects. These include the stunning AuraVerb reverb and several modern and vintage hardware EQ and compressor models. Antelope’s new RealModel technology recreate not only the true sound of classic analog gear but its behavior and feel as well. Stacks of effects can be combined in custom FX Chains and saved as Presets. All our guitar amp and cabs simulations were developed in a partnership with leaders in guitar software Overloud Audio Tools, so we know guitar players will just love Goliath.

The Main Features of the Antelope Audio Goliath Include:

  • 36 analog inputs; 32 analog outputs
  • 16 mic preamps
  • 64-bit Acoustically Focused Crystal Clocking
  • Touchscreen display
  • Talkback
  • 16 AES ins/outs
  • 2 MADI ins/outs
  • 2 ADAT ins/outs
  • S/PDIF I/O
  • Onboard DSP effects and amp/cab simulations
  • 2 Headphone outputs
  • 2 ReAmp outputs
  • Thunderbolt/USB connectivity
  • Remote apps for Mac and PC


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