AKA Design Human Scale M2 Monitor Arm


  • M2 Monitor Arm
  • Max Load 9 Kg
  • Vasa Compatible


The AKA Design Human-Scale M2 Monitor Arm is an articulated single monitor arm that is vasa compatible and will hold your screens at any angle you need for your studio setup. The Human-Scale M2 Monitor Arm max capacity weight is 9kg, but other options are available such as the M8 should you need more.

This is an elegant, flexible heavy-duty solution for your studio furniture and forms part of the ProWave modular series. The ProWave modular series contains expansion options for worktops and rack units, so you have enough space for your equipment and to ensure the best possible workflow.


Check out the Human Scale M8 Monitor Arm which can hold up to 18 Kg.

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