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Air Birds is a customizable isolation booth suitable for a wide variety of applications, including dialogue and vocal recording, guitarists, drummers and wind instruments.

Air Birds sound reduction has been tested at the Technical-Physics Laboratory C.S.I. S.p.A. (Milano-Italy) accredited by ACCREDIA.(ref. standard UNI EN ISO 11957 – UNI EN ISO 717-1).



















Weighted measurements in curve (A)= 40 dB(A)

The Air Birds booth is lightweight, of modular construction and has high sound isolation values. This makes Air Birds the ideal booth to be installed in every studio and on any floor. 

The Air Birds booth can also be relocated to another studio or premises as your business develops.

These booths have been designed for a professional environment and we offer a wide range of options, external finishing’s in a variety of colours and choices of wooden. All the materials are well balanced with the oxidized aluminium frame. 

The new technical fabric replaces the old pyramidal foam, it’s washable, sound absorbing and very resistant. It is also very pleasant to the touch and gives an elegant and modern look to the booth. 

Available sizes 

The Air Birds booths are available in a wide range of sizesfrom the standard 107×107 to 314×314. 

External dimensions

Internal dimensions


107 x 107 x 242h

92 x 92 x 202h

281 kg

132 x 107 x 242h

117 x 92 x 202h

316 kg

132 x 132 x 242h

117 x 117 x 202h

354 kg

210 x 107 x 242h

195 x 92 x 202h

428 kg

210 x 132 x 242h

195 x 117 x 202h

474 kg

260 x 132 x 242h

245 x 117 x 202h

550 kg

210 x 210 x 242h

195 x 195 x 202h

622 kg

260 x 210 x 242h

245 x 195 x 202h

715 kg

314 x 210 x 242h

299 x 195 x 202h

817 kg

314 x 314 x 242h

299 x 299 x 202h

1058 kg

The booths feature a vertical window allowing line of sight between the artist and engineer or producer.

The Air Birds booth stands on a high-density base with anti-vibration adjustable feet.

The Air Birds booths are also available with a floating base which limits the mechanical transmission of sound; ideal reduce the vibrations of amplifiers, electronic drums and pianos. The floor finishing is laminated wood as standard however; the floating floor option is supplied with a technical carpet.

The Air Birds is provided with a high performance air exchange system with double canalization to aspirate and expel air. Larger booths are supplied with a centrifugal fan amortized with a larger capacity for air-exchange with absolute silence. 

All booths are supplied with a cable duct that can accommodate, audio, data and video cabling. 

Optional Extras:

  • Additional window: The 2×2 booths are already equipped with 2 windows, but you can decide to add more by specifying one of two different window shapes: cm 27×170 (standard) cm 60×80 (special order).
  • Floating floor: Used to limit the mechanical transmission of sound, this is recommended for those who play acoustic drums, electronic drums, bass or piano. 
  • Air conditioning: A/C can be integrated into the Air Birds upon request
  • Foldable table: A 50 x 79 cm or 32 x 79 cm collapsible table can be installed both externally and internally. 
  • Laminate floor: Internal floor in scratchproof laminate VINTAGE finishing.  

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