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The Adam SUB 7 Active Subwoofer has been designed to compliment smaller monitors such as the AX Series.

With both XLR and RCA inputs as well as a distinctive footprint (like the A5s), it is the superb addition to the studio monitoring environment.

The ADAM SUB7 features frequency reproduction all the way down to 30Hz. Its small footprint allows for easy placement, even in small environments and with a wireless remote control you can adjust the volume and crossover frequency from your “sweet spot” listening position.

The main features of the Adam SUB 7 Active Subwoofer includes:

  • Designed to be used with ADAM A5 Monitors
  • Wireless remote for making adjustments from the “sweet spot”
  • Low frequency reproduction starts from 30Hz
  • Impressively small footprint
  • Color: Matt Black
  • XLR and RCA inputs

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