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Our A-Designs Ventura Mic Pre/EQ/DI is a tone shaping input device inspired by the electronics of the renowned Quad Eight consoles. Hand-built in the US, Ventura features three inputs – microphone, instrument and EQ/insert – which you can use together or independently.

Our unit is equipped with a highly musical three-band parametric EQ as well as separate high and low pass filters. Run at optimal levels, its signal is crystal clear and ultra transparent, with all the dimensionality, air, and extended bass expected from top shelf analog hardware. Push it a little harder, and Ventura provides a more aggressive sound while still retaining full bandwidth tonal clarity. The EQ can even be accessed via its own insert for sweetening tracks during mixdown. Another noteworthy feature is the onboard high-impedance instrument preamplifier, specifically built to enhance the performance of guitar and bass pickups.

The Preamp

The heart of our Ventura is the specially designed discrete transistor operational amplifier.
Running on up to +/-30VDC rails, this opamp is a high-gain, fast-slew, stable audio block with virtually no DC offset over the audio spectrum. Also it is capable of driving a 50 ohm load at 50Hz with extremely low current draw. Which is used in the microphone preamp, instrument input preamp, and main output/EQ output stages.Top of the line Cinemag input and output transformers guarantee optimal performance from end to end of the signal path. The mic pre itself is a single-stage, transformer-coupled design with balanced I/O. It features phase reverse, -20 dB pad, +48V phantom power with LED indicator, and gain control.


We have designed the preamp section so it feeds both the EQ section and a dedicated preamp output simultaneously. The Ventura’s three-band parametric equalizer is a unique design featuring thirty-three frequencies grouped into three bands of overlapping ranges from 50Hz to 15KHz. Both the frequency selection and the +/-12dB boost/cut controls are stepped for precise, easily recallable settings.Each band has a Q switch with three fixed positions: Sharp, Wide, and Normal. You can easily toggle the low and high bands between peak/dip and shelving duties, with the shelving switch disabling the Q feature on high and low bands only.

Another set of switches engages a separate set of specially tuned 2nd order high and low pass filters, which work whether the EQ is in or out. The equalizer’s input/insert return provides direct input to the EQ, bypassing both the mic pre and instrument input.

Instrument Input Preamp

Our Instrument Input Preamp is separate from the mic pre. It is a single-stage, single-ended, high-impedance preamp that also sports its own opamp. We have designed it specifically to counteract the undesirable effects of guitar/bass-pickup loading, it is accessed via a front-panel 1/4” jack and gain pot. This section also feeds the EQ and preamp output multi simultaneously.

The main features of the A-Designs Ventura Mic Pre/EQ/DI

We have combined transparency and sonic versatility with the flexibility to use three sections independently, and as a result the Ventura is a desert island preamp that will suit any and all recording applications. Even engineers who typically avoid using equalization while tracking will find themselves looking for excuses to use our EQ. Ventura is the perfect input device to use for easily capturing and surgically sculpting any audio signal for DAWs or hardware multitrack recorders, and it will quickly become your favourite go-to device in any recording or live environment.

  • – Ultra transparent, solid-state mic preamplifier with 72db gain; instrument preamp; and true, 3-band parametric EQ with high-and low-pass filters
  • – Mic preamp, EQ, and instrument preamp can be used together or independently
  • – Three specially designed discrete C12X operational amplifiers
  • – Cinemag input and output transformers
  • – Toroidal power transformer
  • – Balanced TRS insert return/EQ input
  • – Separate gain controls for mic and instrument inputs
  • – -20dB pad, +48VDC phantom power with red LED indicator, phase switch, and on/off switch with blue LED indicator
  • – Balanced gold Neutrik XLR input, direct, and main output connectors
  • – Silver-contact, high-durability toggle switches with no relays
  • – Hand-built in the USA with audiophile-quality components including high-tolerance metal film resistors and high-quality polystyrene, polypropylene, COG, and bi-polar capacitors
  • – Single rackspace steel chassis



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