A-Designs EM PEQ 500-Series Pultec Style EQ Module



The A-Designs EM PEQ is a 500-Series Pultec Style EQ Module, A-Designs Audio has shrunk this highly sought after EQ design into the 500 Series format without compromise to either build quality or sonics. The EQ section design and control layout of the classic EQP-1A has been meticulously maintained, as well as its wonderfully smooth musicality.

Makeup amplification is achieved through the use of the same discrete Class AB amplifier found in A-Designs popular solid-state Pacifica mic pre, putting an extra twist on this classic design. Additional features include a nickel core output transformer, gold Grayhill rotary switches, Wima capacitors, and a true hard bypass. Instead of using off-the-shelf chokes, A-Designs uses a tapped inductor, custom-wound to the original values. Fully balanced, noise-free operation with modern impedance specs make for simple operation and fast studio integration.

The new EM-PEQ is an approved API ‘VPR Alliance’ product, so may also be used in A-Designs Audio’s 500HR With the launches last year of the P-1 and EM-Series preamplifiers (EM-Red/Blue/Silver, and recently the EM-Gold), A-Designs Audio is fast becoming a significant player in all things ‘500 Series’. The blend of classic sound and modern function offered by the new EM-PEQ is further proof of a company dedicated to creative design, quality and value.

The main features of the A-Designs EM PEQ 500-Series Pultec Style EQ Module include:

  • Highly sought after EQ voicing in 500 series format
  • Control scheme and workflow of the EQP-1A
  • Discrete class AB amplification
  • VPR Alliance certified.

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