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The A-Designs Audio KGB-Itf is a single-ended, high input impedance, discrete audio pre-amp which. It is specially designed for high impedance, unbalanced outputs such as: guitar, bass guitar, and electronic keyboards.

Just as a low impedance, balanced pre-amp is needed for use with microphones, a pre-amplifier designed for use with unbalanced high impedance instruments is also required.

A-Designs Audio KGB-Itf Overview

The KGB Series contains high voltage, discrete op-amps with balanced output transformers by Cinemag, Inc.

The The A-Designs Audio KGB-Itf (Tone Filters) is a mono unit. It has the same features of the KGB-II, but includes three tone controls, High, Mid, and Bass.

KGB-II & KGB-Itf Features
  • – All Metal Chassis
  • – Discrete Custom Designed Operational Amplifiers
  • – Milled Aluminum Knobs
  • – Phase Reverse Toggle Switches
  • – Cinemag Transformer Balanced Outputs
  • – XLR Gold Neutrik Output Connectors
  • – Switchcraft 1/4″ Phone Input Jacks
  • – 1% Metal Resistors
  • – Blue Led Power Indicator
  • – 4 Rubber Feet
  • – External 20-24VAC Power Supply (supplied US only)
  • – Input Gain Select Switches
  • – Phase Reverse Switches
  • – Ground Lift Switch

  • S/N: Better than 90db (shorted input)
  • Output: Transformer Balanced +4 @ 600 ohms
  • Power: 20-24VAC Rated, External
  • Gain: Low = 70db / High = 90db (2 kHz source @ .775V)
  • Gain: Low = 35db / High = 60db (2 kHz source @ .09mv)
  • Sensitivity: Lower than .09mv @ 2 kHz



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