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The A-Designs ATTY2’D Passive Attenuator (pronounced “Attitude”), is the big brother of the successful ATTY passive audio line level controller. It offers fully independent control over two stereo pairs and two mono signals. A-Designs expanded the original ATTY product to a rack mounted utility tool for the recording industry.

The original product was created for controlling powered monitors when used with a computer. But, over time, they learned from their customers that they were purchasing several ATTYs to cover their needs.The applications have now expanded from a passive line level controller to a host of other uses such as: Controlling output between multiple products like microphone preamps, CD players, talk backs, audio surge protectors, reamping, level control for multi speakers, extension speakers for bass pre-amps, etc.

Apart from its ability to provide transparent attenuation for line-level devices (such as CD/DVD/MP3 players), it’s particularly useful as a preamp output gain control in multi-mic recording situations. With the proper ATTY2’D, you can maintain input levels at the sweet spot and record without any adverse affects on sound quality. If you’re using a four-channel preamp with a hot output (like the API 3124) on drums, just use ATTY2’D’s stereo channels on toms and overheads along with the mono channels on kick and snare.

One of the most frequent use of ATTY2’D is for level control of multiple powered-monitor pairs. If you’re looking for high- quality control of multiple powered monitor pairs, ATTY2’D is an excellent solution, thanks to its audiophile-grade components and rugged industrial design. ATTY2’D’s stereo channels with individual level knobs and mute buttons let you select and volume match two pairs of powered monitors, while the two mono channels (also with their own level knobs and mute buttons) allow you to easily engage and dial in a subwoofer and single point-source speaker (for checking mono compatibility), or you can also use the dual mono channels for a third stereo pair of monitors.

The center of ATTY2’D’s front panel features a large rectangular-shaped Master Mute switch that silences all six channels at once. ATTY2’D also functions comfortably as a level controller for a 5.1 surround system – one set for the front L/R, the other for the rear L/R, and the two mono channels dedicated to the center channel and subwoofer, respectively. ATTY2’D is also a go-to piece for contractors and professional sound system installers all over the world, who use it for things like fine tuning the audio in corporate conference rooms, or for installs in pubs and sports bars to adjust the monitor levels in different rooms, or dial in separate sound systems at game time.

The main features of the A-Designs ATTY2’D Passive Attenuator include:

  • Passive attenuation for multiple sources
  • Functions as a preamp output for multi-mic applications
  • Can function as a multi-speaker control source
  • Also works as 5.1 surround controller

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