Producer Mike Chapman is no stranger to recording studios and making huge hit records. 

Behind the likes of Blondie’s massive album Parallel Lines, Pat BenatarTina TurnerSuzi Quatro and many, many more, Mike has invested in his London based production studios based within the Fortress studio complex.

Pictured is writing and production partner Simon Pilton sitting in front of the SSL Nucleus Control Surface providing tactile control over Logic Studio X. The SSL Nucleus is not only an excellent control surface but is also an audio interface but in this instance, Mike chose a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo due to the onboard DSP and excellent Universal Audio plugins which offer latency free live effects.

Mike is a long term user of Yamaha monitor speakers having mixed his hits on Yamaha NS10’s for many years. Mike chose the Yamaha HS7 Active Monitor Speakers connected to a Focal CMS Sub as his monitor solution of choice!