Looking for a high quality audio interface? Thinking of
upgrading to give your studio
sound? Well Prism Sound has got your covered with a whole host of special deals
and bundles to help you raise your studio game.

Offer 1 – For
August 2015 only, all Prism Titan orders will be upgraded FREE OF CHARGE to a
Prism Atlas (!) which equates to saving of roughly £750 and provides your
studio with more I/O and more options for expansion and growth.

To learn more about the Prism Atlas and Titan and see the
differences between them, check out the product pages here:



Offer 2 – Atlas complete recording and editing solutions
– This offer essentially bundles together an Atlas unit and the
SADiE 6 software as a “recording and editing solution” offering exceptional
value to those who wish to purchase a complete high quality solution.

The specific packages that we will be offering are as

Solution Name Description Price Ex VAT Savings
Atlas Sound Atlas + Sadie 6 Sound Suite £,2995.00 £1,395.00
Atlas Post Atlas + Sadie 6 Post Suite £2,745.00 £1,445.00
Atlas Mastering Atlas + Sadie 6 Mastering
£2,745.00 £1,445.00
Atlas Radio Atlas + Sadie 6 Radio Producer £2,595.00 £995.00
Atlas Pro Atlas + Sadie 6 Pro £2,495.00 £945.00

For more information,
or to arrange a demo – please contact us!