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Client Requirements: 

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio was contacted by Piccolino Restaurant to provide additional speakers to the existing sound system in the downstairs bar area and provide an additional sound system capable of
handling live performances, taking into consideration the compact space of the bar area. In addition, provide integration for the
additional hardware into the existing Symetrix Jupiter 4 DSP sound distributor.



Piccolino outside dining area.



Piccolino Restaurant Bar Area

Piccolino Restaurant had an existing sound system throughout the ground floor restaurant and the basement bar area.
Within the basement bar area there are private booths which had no speaker coverage from the existing sound system.
To compensate for this, we installed an additional Bose Acoustimass 3 three way speaker system providing decent sound displacement within the booth with the Acoustimass Sub Bass unit positioned discreetly below the seating.



Banner Piccolino Downstairs Bar area


Piccolino Restaurant Live Performance

In the downstairs bar area we also installed a Bose MA12 line array speaker system to cater for live performances and DJ’s.
This particular speaker system was chosen due to its sound projection in confined areas. An additional Bose Sub has been provided underneath the seating to complete the sound spectrum.


Bose MA12 Line Array Speaker System


The versatile Bose MA12’ are used for background music, however, when a live performance is on, the live sound plays throughout not only the Bose MA12’s but through all the
Bose Acoustimass speakers too, providing a complete sound dispersal throughout the location.


Piccolino Bar and Restaurant


The downstairs bar area was rewired and configured to the Symetrix Jupiter 4 Sound Manager so that music sources and
volume could be controlled individually between the downstairs bar and the upstairs ground floor restaurant.
If required, the restaurant can choose to have the downstairs live performance or DJ played through their sound system as well.