The new Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone Channel 500 Series Lunchbox Module is the latest addition to the excellent family of high end audio products from Phoenix Audio.

Summarizing, the Tilt Tone is a channel strip featuring a balanced live signal processor incorporating a Class A discrete buffer amp from the well received Nicerizer summing mixer, a DI with 10meg ohm inputs found in the Phoenix Audio Nice DI & Tilt EQ circuit. 

The Tilt EQ is the centrepice of the Tilt Tone, a unique 3 position EQ with 3 carefully chosen positions to cover low frequencies at 160hz, mid frequencies at 800hz and high frequencies at 1.6khz. Also, a dark/bright shaping control allows you to ’tilt’ the EQ to darken your sound (add LF) or brighten your sound (add HF).

You can also add the excellent analogue tone of the Class A discreet output circuitry and output transformer to your signal by simply running the Tilt Tone in bypass mode.

In this video, Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro tries out the Tilt Tone EQ on Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, and bass as well giving the chance of winning a Tilt Tone for your own studio.

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