Peter Gordeno songwriter, producer and keyboard player for band Depeche Mode has recently upgraded his West London Recording Studio with Kazbar Systems.


The Recording Studio Equipment

At the core of the studio upgrade is a Universal Audio Apollo X6 rackmount audio interface. Peter was particularly impressed by the technical specification of the Universal Audio Apollo X6, offering; elite class A/D and D/A convertors, near zero latency through Unison enabled mic pre amps, 8 analogue inputs and outputs, front panel metering and built in talkback functionality.
In addition, the powerful HEXA Core processing enables significant numbers of UAD plugins to be utilised without increasing the load on the DAW CPU, many of which Peter was already familiar with using with his existing mobile recording system.

Peter Gordeno's West London Recording Studio Rack Gear and Keyboard

The recording studio has a variety of different hardware synthesizers which Peter wanted to be able to patch in directly to the Apollo X6. A bespoke audio cabling solution was installed to provide a flexible way of connecting the synthesizers to the Apollo I/O.

Kazbar Systems also supplied and installed; the Tube Tech MEC1A recording channel and the Rupert Neve Designs 5024, 4 channel microphone pre amp. Peter also upgraded his main studio monitors to a pair of Focal Trio6 Be due to their neutrality, precise stereo imaging and accuracy.


Peter Gorden's West London Recording Studio with purple mood lights


Peter’s studio upgrade was successfully installed, tested and commissioned by the Kazbar Systems team in less than a day.