Petchey Academy East London

Client Requirements:

Kazbar Systems provided industry standard audio software, hardware and acoustic treatment for Petchey Academy’s recording facilities.


Petchey Academy

The Petchey Academy East London was established in 2006 on the site of the former Kingsland School with generous sponsorship from Sir Jack Petchey CBE, one of the UK’s most successful businessmen and philanthropists.
Kazbar Systems has completed the recording studio installation and Acoustic Treatment for both the Control Room & Live Room.

The Petchey Academy needed a solution that would fit their budget and meet current professional industry standards in terms of software, hardware and sound quality, something  that would
inspire and prepare the students for a career in the music industry.

To start with, the Control Room was a simple Piano Room for teaching lessons, which was adjacent to a large class room. During a school break, under advice from Kazbar Systems,
the in-house maintenance team installed a double window between the Piano Room and the Class Room to create a Control Room.
All existing work benches were removed to create enough space for the Kazbar Systems Studio Furniture while still retaining the Piano.

When the in-house work was complete, Kazbar Systems installed custom Acoustic Panels for the Control Room and the adjacent classroom, so
it could be used as a live ‘performance’ room too. We also installed live audio feeds between the Live Room and Control Room for easy access recording.


Recording studio facilities Petchey Academy


Petchey Academy Equipment

When all Acoustic and pre-equipment installation works were complete, we commenced the installation of the chosen studio equipment.
Starting with installing a 10-way wallbox (eight microphone feeds and two headphone sends) which are connected to an Audient ASP008 8 Channel Mic Preamp and Art Headamp Pro 6 for the headphone control.

For recording, we recommended an Apple iMac due to its power and connectivity, for the audio interface the Petchey Academy’s preference was Logic Studio Pro X working alongside Avid Pro Tools.
Also installed is an Apogee Ensemble audio interface which is connected to the Audient ASP008 via the Adat digital connection. This allows up to 16 channels of analogue input with a total of twelve mic pre’s.

For reference monitoring, we recommended the KRK RP8 Rokit G3 active monitor speakers. These offer an excellent full range of sound due to their 8” active bass drivers but are also excellent value too.
To offer an alternative mix comparison, we installed a pair of Avantone MixCube Active’s. These are a highly useful speaker for comparison for when you wish to hear how your music
would sound on the radio. Both the KRK R8 G3’s and Avantone MixCube’s are controlled via a Presonus Monitor Station.


Recording Studio


For vocal and acoustic recording, the Petchey Academy chose the Avantone CK6 Large Capsule Valve Microphone.
This is a truly excellent microphone offering a sensitive and warm recording full of character.

Lastly, for controlling Logic Studio software or Pro Tools, we recommended the Mackie MCU Pro control surface. This is an excellent tactile work surface providing immediate fader control of your DAW in banks of eight.
On each channel is a display mirroring the information on your DAW software. The Mackie MCU also provides Plugin access, Scrub Wheel and Transport Control too.


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