Paul Gatehouse Trinnov ST2 Installation from Kazbar Systems

Paul Gatehouse was originally introduced to the Trinnov ST2 Room Correction System after Kazbar Systems arranged a demonstration for musical colleague Lee McCutcheon who was unhappy with the sound within his studio at the time.

The Trinnov ST2 is a real-time DSP based sound processor which connects into your studio monitoring system. 

Initially, a room analysis is performed using the onboard ST2 software and the Trinnov Mic. This also takes into consideration speaker positioning and sub bass management too if required.

Once performed, the Trinnov has an EQ reading from the analysis which shows any flaws (which are inherent in most control rooms), this EQ setting is then applied so that the audio passed through the ST2 is processed to the optimal EQ for your room allowing for accurate mixes and improved work flow.

In this video Paul Gatehouse explains the ST2 and how the system works for him in his own studio environment:

Before adding the ST2 to his studio, Paul has been gradually upgrading his studio equipment. Paul purchased a pair of Focal SM9 Active Studio Monitor Speakers followed shortly by a Grace M905 Monitor Controller and a Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard II Summing Mixer.

Paul Gatehouse Trinnov ST2 Installation from Kazbar Systems