Novation have today announced the AudioHub 2×4 USB Audio Interface, this portable rugged interface has been co-developed with Focusrite and features some unique features aimed at the electronic producer or live performer.

Novation AudioHub 2×4 product page and details.

The Novation AudioHub 2x4 Inputs

One unique feature on the Audio Hub 2×4 is the inclusion of a Three Port USB 2.0 Hub, this allows you to connect up to three extra devices via USB directly to your interface, so for example if you have a Launchpad, a Remote 49SL and a USB stick with your samples for playing live, then this can all be connected directly to your interface, effectively freeing up your other ports and making more room for extra gear.

The Audio Hub 2×4 is shipping soon, to pre order or for more information, please get in touch.