Kazbar Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the world’s biggest music networking event at Tileyard Studios, envisaged and organised by John Saunderson of Notting Hill Music. Notting Hill have recently opened their purpose built studios within the Tileyard complex to facilitate their ongoing projects and team of songwriters.

Based around a top speck Apple iMac solution running Logic Pro X, Notting Hill required a solution which could offer simple ‘in the box’ usage but professional standard mixing too. The all round solution was to include an SSL X-Desk for mixing and monitoring connected to an SSL X-Rack populated with SSL Mic Pre’s EQ’s & Dynamics. To get the best out recording vocals & instruments, a classic AKG C414-XLS was added to offer complete versatility in recording applications due to its multiple polar patterns.

To capture the excellent sonic quality of the SSL hardware plus allow for summing from the X-Desk, a high end audio interface solution was required to connect to the iMac and Logic Pro X. Notting Hill opted for the excellent Apogee Symphony MKII.

The choice of speaker monitoring was Focal & JBL mounted on Ultimate Support Speaker Stands.

Kayotica Eyeball available from Kazbar Systems

Notting Hill music have an excellent Vocal Booth adjacent to their studio but recording in the Control Room is an option too. The Kaotica Eyeball is an excellent Portable Vocal Booth solution isolating the sound to provide a detailed audio recording.