Nick Lloyd-Webber recommends the Kahayan 12k72 Preamp

Kahayan is a prestigious, growing company based in Spain, which recently made its way into the UK.

With impeccable quality, innovative range and reasonable price, Kahayan have already established a solid name for themselves.

Kahayan’s founder Pablo Kahayan, designs and builds his own unique line of tube amps and pro-audio gear, along with specialising in customization, manufacturing and development of exclusive equipment for guitarists and bassists.

After Nick got introduced to the Kahayan 12K72 Preamp, this quickly became his favourite addition in his brand new London based recording studio.

“I use the Kahayan 12K72 mic amp for vocal and instrument recording. It’s a preamp I can trust and it gives me the clarity of recording I need. It has rapidly become my ‘goto’ mic amp. Love it!”

This unit gives you the warmth and depth to complete the authentic vintage sound for your recordings.

Handcrafted and handwired, all components have been carefully chosen and tested, to provide you with the best possible sound.

The clarity in the Kahayan 12K72 will lift your productions to a whole new level.