​Kazbar Systems Launches Demo Studio in West London


We are excited to announce the launch of our new Demo and Recording facilities, in affiliation with F/HBlock Music.

F/HBlock Music is situated within Ealing Studios, where Kazbar Systems have been arranging product demonstrations for years, in addition to advising and facilitating the in-house production studios and artists with pro audio equipment and cabling.

The studio has a spacious Control Room, decorated with a warm Moroccan theme, and is ready to demo the best products pro audio has to offer. Please contact sales@kazbarsystemsinc.com to arrange for the equipment you want to explore.

The recording facilities are also ready to go, with hardware options including the Universal Audio Apollo 16, with all plugins enabled and a QCon Pro X 32 Channel fader control.
For recording channels, we have the Universal Audio 2-610 Dual Preamp, a Warm Audio WA76 CompressorWarm Audio EQP and Black Lion Audio Seventeen Compressors.

For any current equipment such as microphones, speakers and outboard gear that is not listed, contact us today, and we can arrange for it to be ready for your next visit. 

The Control Room’s main monitoring consists of the high-precision OS Acoustics DB7 Active Speakers, designed with an extremely linear frequency response and onboard DSP to ensure a reliable mix.

The second monitor pair is the 2-way Unity Audio’s Active ‘Mini Rock’, well known for their low frequency accuracy and transient response. The increased bass response is due to the new 5” crystal woofer and the split dual-chamber cabinet with an aperiodic vent.

These pairs make a solid combination, enabling you to get the most out of your mixing process.

The Kazbar Studio Live Room is large enough to host a group of vocals or single musicians. It is equipped with a Bock Audio Soundelux U195 Tube Microphone, and we are looking forward to demonstrate many legendary microphones in here. The Live Room and all outboard hardware are cabled through the Patchbay in the Control Room.

For studio hire please email:josh.mclelland@fblockmusic.com
For equipment demonstrations please email:sales@kazbarsystemsinc.com
Studio Website:http://www.fblockmusic.com/kazbar-room
Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales