Kazbar Systems Equips Metropolis Studios New Production Rooms

Paul Norris from Metropolis Studio contacted Kazbar Systems to equip their new writing and production facilities. Newly constructed within the studio building basement, each space has a separate control room and vocal booth.

Pictured is one of the newly built rooms furnished with a Zaor MIZA 61 Studio Desk in Grey Oak. The MIZA is a versatile and robust work surface, offering a generous desktop area, two 4U racks, a sliding keyboard tray for a controller keyboard, and a shelf above the racks large enough for an LCD Display and speakers.


The left-side rack is equipped with an Apollo X8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface, which is the latest generation of the Apollo range. The Apollo X8 includes six chip DSP HEXA Core processors, four Unison Mic Preamps and the latest AD/DA conversion. Within the right-side rack, there is the Kahayan 12K72 Mic Preamp and a vintage Urei 1176 Compressor/Limiter. This is a solid combination, as the 12K72 brings the warm and detailed sound to any recording, complimented by the high-class energy and punch from the Urei 1176.


For speakers and monitor control, they have a pair of Genelc 8341 SAM Active Studio Monitor Speakers. The 8341’s offer a highly detailed sound with plenty of headroom, tuned to the control room via the onboard SAM technology. A Presonus Monitor Station V2 looks after source selection, speaker volume control, talkback and headphone levels.

For booking enquiries for the studios:

studios@thisismetropolis.com / 0208 742 1111

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