Wez Clarke Studio Rack inc Thermionic Culture Super 15 & Kush Audio UBK Fatso available from Kazbar Systems

Mix engineer Wez Clarke is no stranger to mixing hits, mixing the likes of Clean Bandit, Sam Smith, Leona Lewis, Jess Glynne, Rudimental, Professor Green, the list keeps going.

Wez has got an amazing studio but even the best studios need additions and we suggested he tried the Thermionic Culture Super 15 along with a Kush Audio UBK Fatso for their unique sound.

The Super 15 is in effect a stereo harmonic distortion box but you can apply the effect extremely subtly or aggressively depending on your desired effect. This makes the Super 15 extremely useful for bringing width to a stereo mix but also for bringing an edge to individual instruments and tracks such as Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums etc.

The Kush Audio UBK Fatso is essentially a stereo compressor with seven very distinct modes making it an extremely versatile compressor. It is also extremely simple to use allowing excellent results very quickly.

Thermionic Culture available & Kush Audio available from:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales