Just announced from MOTU; a new range of great looking and very well spec’d range of audio interfaces 1248, 8M and 16A, all with ThunderBolt and USB connectivity, these interfaces be networked and expanded through ethernet and if coupled with MOTU’s AVB ethernet switch, up to 5 interfaces can be networked, or can chose network many more if you decided to buy more MOTU AVB switches.

This makes these interfaces ideal for larger scale production facilities, universities who need to send audio across a network or for live sound applications where more I/o is required.

All AVB series interfaces can be controlled through a web app protocol via WIFI, making an interface like the 16A a superb I/O for live sound or FOH applications;

Motu 1248; 32×34 I/O with 4 Mic inputs, 8×12 TRS, 48-channels of software mixing and AVB networking – £1,145.00

Motu 8M; 24×26 I/O with 8 Mic, Line or Instrument inputs, 48-Channels of software mixing and AVB networking – £1,145.00

Motu 16A; 32×32 I/O with 16×16 TRS Analog, 48-Channels of software mixing and AVB networking – £1,145.00

Motu AVB Switch; Five Port 1-Gigabit Ethernet switch – £249.00