KRK White Noise Series available from Kazbar Systems



KRK White Noise Series available from Kazbar Systems

KRK Systems V-Series 4 nearfield studio monitors are specifically designed for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical. KRK worked with hundreds of pro engineers/producers/mixers to develop these groundbreaking monitors. Recording and broadcast studios as well as sound design and audio production houses will benefit from adding the V Series 4 as the go to monitor of choice.

KRK White Noise Series available from Kazbar Systems

V-Series 4 includes 49 user selectable EQ settings to ensure proper setup for room acoustics and placement anomalies as well as taste and individual preference. The KRK design team has painstakingly modeled and analyzed hundreds of monitor placement and room acoustic situations to ensure that KRK delivers the most useful tools with minimal adjustments.

The V Series 4 build on KRK’s 30 year legacy in developing and building world class studio monitors, from their custom made amplifiers and proprietary drivers to their construction and voicing.

KRK White Noise speakers available from Kazbar Systems


  • KRK custom designed Kevlar tweeter 
  • KRK custom designed Woven Kevlar woofer 
  • Optimized front ported bass reflex enclosure design
    Bi-amped Class-D amplification 
  • Acoustic and desk loading condition correction Low Frequency EQ’s 
  • Mid and High Frequency EQ’s 
  • 49 different DSP driven EQ presets give you superior control for room/desk correction as well as personal taste 
  • Precise input level attenuation switch 
  • Standby, ground lift, input sensitivity, and logo LED selectors 
  • Optional protective grille included for mobile broadcast applications 
  • Friction lock, Neutrik combo (XLR and TRS) connector 
  • Robust EVA foam pad for non-skid and acoustic isolation 
  • Universal threaded mounting bracket points